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Global Climbing Sponsorship

Today the forum becomes sponsored by Global Climbing

Global Climbing

Global climbing supply almost everything outdoorsy from climbing gear, to kayaks, to tents. They supply all of the wonderful items you see in Go Sport, Picnicos, and Intersport. So go visit those places if you need anything. If you cant find what you are looking for, mention it to the stores or let Pete over at Global Climbing know what’s missing. Happy shopping!


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Forum update

I have just altered the root directory for the forum, it is now located in the much more memorable location of

All the loyal fans out there will now be much happier as they will be able to spread the word a little bit easier.

Have fun!

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Welcome to &

Welcome to or This is both my personal weblog and the front page to climbing info for the UAE. I’ll be listing up things that I am involved in climbing or otherwise and there are several links to important climbing sites. Firstly is the UAEclimbing Forum. The Forum is full of climbers from around the UAE and beyond and there’s a lot of helpful information on there, you can meet people, arrange trips around the UAE and whatever else you like. If you want to get involved just pop over to the Forum and register and get chatting, it’s as easy as that.

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