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Gulf News


Friday 25th should be the day that an article appears in the Gulf News (Dubai) detailing some of the aspects of climbing and hiking/hill walking in the UAE and Oman. The article stems from a regular number of people getting lost on mountains and needing rescuing.  The rock climbers however are generally a lot safer/experienced and don’t need rescuing.  A few of the climbers in the area, including me, set the record straight and made the distinction between climbers and hikers.

The reporter agreed to mention this website to help and promote it as a source of information and a place for people to find out more about climbing and hopefully make everyone’s experience a lot safer and more pleasurable. So if you are here because you have just read the article, or if you are here by chance, then check out the Climbing section and the Forum. You will find some nice links to guides of the area and be able to register on the Forum so you can have a chat with the rest of us climbers and join in with the fun.  The forum is there to help people and get climbers meeting up and collaborating etc, and even hikers and hill walkers are welcome to join and get involved.

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Forum update

I have just altered the root directory for the forum, it is now located in the much more memorable location of

All the loyal fans out there will now be much happier as they will be able to spread the word a little bit easier.

Have fun!

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I just added a cool widget from , if you look at the lower right of the page you will see a handy little messaging window. You don’t need to sign in or anythig, just type your name and type your message, and it pops up and stays up, so if you want a quick chat with anyone else online then do so, or leave me a message.

I’m going to try and incorporate it into the forum as well so that you can chat to other people online while you brows the forum. It’ll be a little bit more instant.  If you are online for a while set the auto refresh rate in the top right corner of the message window (a little bit anoying to have to do but it’s a start), the message window will refresh automatically and display up to date messages.

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Welcome to &

Welcome to or This is both my personal weblog and the front page to climbing info for the UAE. I’ll be listing up things that I am involved in climbing or otherwise and there are several links to important climbing sites. Firstly is the UAEclimbing Forum. The Forum is full of climbers from around the UAE and beyond and there’s a lot of helpful information on there, you can meet people, arrange trips around the UAE and whatever else you like. If you want to get involved just pop over to the Forum and register and get chatting, it’s as easy as that.

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